Fair Borders? Migration policy in the Twenty-First Century

Fair Borders? Migration policy in the Twenty-First Century

"Borders were never designed to stop everyone from moving. It's always a matter of who is moving to where, and why..."

In the lead-up to the 2017 election, immigration was a burning issue. Pundits declared, “It’s time for a national conversation about immigration​”, even while migration policy was vigorously debated in the media. Whether it was about record high arrivals, severe housing demand, or the investor visas provided to internet tycoons, we have hardly ceased to have a conversation about immigration. But who is the “we” having that conversation and who are the absent voices? What is the perspective of tangata whenua or migrants themselves? And how do our borders reflect or shape this conversation?

Join us for a panel discussion with Fair Borders? editor David Hall and contributors Andrew Chen and Arama Rata to discuss how New Zealand’s borders impact on its citizens, on recent immigrants, and on people who aren’t permitted to set foot on this land.

6.30pm Thursday 15 March; Palmerston North Central Library; Free entry, no booking required

For more information contact Genny Vella, genny.vella@pncc.govt.nz, 06 3514100.

Please note: This event is part of the Festival of Cultures and is not managed by BWB.

Event Date time: 
Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 18:30