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The BWB Text Imagining Decolonisation has contributed powerfully to media discussion about racism in New Zealand, and featured on reading lists that celebrate Black or Indigenous authors and document anti-racism.
As Covid-19 made its impact, we have valued the diverse voices of expert commentators – speaking through many channels. BWB Texts writers have played a key part – Siouxsie Wiles, Sir David Skegg, Shamubeel Eaqub, Shaun Hendy, Max Rashbrooke, Mel Bunce.
Archaeologist Ian Smith’s legacy and life-long dedication to his work, which culminated in Pākehā Settlements in a Māori World: New Zealand Archaeology 1769–1860, has been celebrated in The Journal of New Zealand Studies.
Welcome to BWB! We’re now back in the office, at work on books… and everything else! Bookshops are open too, or you can order BWB books (print and digital) through our online store, which will be sent from our Wellington location.