Alison Gray

Alison Gray

Alison Gray is the Director of Gray Matter Research Ltd, which undertakes contracts in social policy research and programme evaluation in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Prior to establishing Gray Matter Research in 1988, she was an assistant lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Victoria University of Wellington.

Publications include

Mothers and Daughters (Bridget Williams Books, 1993)

Springs in my Heels: Stories about Women and Change (Bridget Williams Books, 1991)

Stepping Out (Allen & Unwin/ Port Nicholson Press, 1987)

Teenangels: Being a New Zealand Teenager (Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1988)

Fun for Kids, co-authored with Sheelagh Leary (Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1987)