Christine Dann

Christine Dann

Christine Dann writes about gardening and cooking on her blog, The Eco Gardener. She also contributes regularly to Organic NZ magazine. Christine is currently researching and writing a book on the social and environmental impacts of industrial food and agriculture, and blogs on the subject at The Dead End Diet.

She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Policy from Lincoln University. Her thesis was on the global origins of Green politics in New Zealand and Australia and is available online.

Christine lives, writes and gardens at Port Levy on Banks Peninsula.

Publications include

Food@Home (Canterbury University Press, 2012)

Perennial Gardening in New Zealand (Bridget Williams Books, 1993)

Cottage Garden Cookbook (Bridget Williams Books, 1992)

Changing our Lives: Women Working in the Women's Liberation Movement, 1970–1990, edited with Maud Cahill (Bridget Williams Books, 1991)

Cottage Gardening in New Zealand (Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1990)

Wilderness Women: Stories of New Zealand Women at Home in the Wilderness (Penguin, 1989) 

Up from Under: Women and Liberation in New Zealand, 1970–1985 (Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1985) 

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