Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace

After graduating from Auckland University in languages and anthropology, Craig Wallace trained as an English Language teacher and worked for six years in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Since 1995 he has managed English language and literacy programmes for private and state providers on both sides of the Tasman. He is currently coordinator of a federal government language, literacy and numeracy programme for recently arrived migrants and long-term unemployed across four campuses of TAFE in north-east Victoria, Australia.

He is a collector of books and music (world and classical) and has made some broadcasts for the New Zealand Concert Programme on classical musicians. He is currently working on the biography of a deceased member of the Windsors, who has largely been relegated to the footnotes of history.

Publications include

Mīhaia: The Prophet Rua Kenana and his Community at Maungapohatu, 2nd edition (Bridget Williams Books, 2011)

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