James Belich

James Belich is a Professorial Fellow and Beit Professor of Imperial and Commonwealth History at the University of Oxford.

His first book, The New Zealand Wars, won the Trevor Reece Memorial Prize in 1988. I Shall Not Die was first published in 1989, and won the 1990 Adam Award for the ‘most significant contribution to [New Zealand] literature in the preceding two years’.

His research interests include indigenous responses to European expansion, patterns of European settlement, New Zealand ethnic, cultural and social history.

Publications include

I Shall Not Die: Titokowaru's War, 1868–1869, 2nd edition (Bridget Williams Books, 2010)

Replenishing the Earth: The Settler Revolution and the Rise of the Anglo-World, 1780–1930 (Oxford University Press, 2009)

Paradise Reforged: A History of the New Zealanders from the 1880s to the Year 2000 (Allen Lane Penguin, 2001)

Making Peoples: A History of the New Zealanders to 1900 (Allen Lane Penguin, 1996)

I Shall Not Die: Titokowaru’s War, New Zealand 1868–1869 (Bridget Williams Books, 1989)

The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict (Auckland University Press, 1988)