Jane Kelsey

Jane Kelsey is one of New Zealand’s most acute social commentators. Professor of Law at the University of Auckland, she is actively committed to social justice in her teaching, her work on Māori sovereignty, and her international research and advocacy on the crisis in globalisation. For several decades her work has centred on the interface between globalisation and domestic neoliberalism, with particular reference to free trade and investment agreements. Jane is currently researching national and international techniques for embedding neoliberalism as barriers to transformation to a post-neoliberal era.

Professor Kelsey is committed to socio-legal scholarship which brings law into contact with politics, economics, social justice, colonisation and international relations. She has written a number of books and many articles critical of the neoliberal restructuring of the New Zealand state, Treaty of Waitangi policy and international economic regulation. A committed public intellectual, Jane is a frequent media commentator, public speaker and participant in international forums on globalisation and structural adjustment.

Professor Kelsey travels extensively, talking on globalisation, free trade agreements and lessons for other countries from New Zealand’s neoliberal experiment to a wide range of audiences. She is frequently invited to deliver international lectures and conference addresses, provides intellectual leadership in international policy debates, is commissioned to write expert reports, and advises governments and international NGOs.

Publications include

No Ordinary Deal: Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, editor (Bridget Williams Books, 2010)

Legal Analysis of Services and Investment in the CARIFORUM-EC EPA: Lessons for other developing countries (The South Centre, 2010)

International Economic Regulation (Dartmouth Press, 2002)

At the Crossroads: Three Essays (Bridget Williams Books, 2002)

Reclaiming the Future: New Zealand and the Global Economy (Bridget Williams Books, 1999)

The New Zealand Experiment: A World Model for Structural Adjustment?, 2nd edition (Bridget Williams Books/Auckland University Press, 1997)

Rolling Back the State: Privatisation of Power in Aotearoa/New Zealand (Bridget Williams Books, 1993) 

A Question of Honour?: Labour and the Treaty 1984–1989 (Allen & Unwin, 1990)