Karen Sinclair

Karen Sinclair

Karen Sinclair is from the United States and is married to a New Zealander. She is a Professor of Anthropology at Eastern Michigan University, where she teaches anthropology, religious studies, and gender studies.

Karen holds a double BA in literature and anthropology and an MA and PhD in Anthropology. Her postgraduate work, done at Brown University, was augmented by a Fulbright fellowship to New Zealand. Beginning her research at Victoria University with now Dame Joan Metge, Professor Jan Pouwer, and Bernie Kernot, she began her study with the people of the Māramatanga in 1972. She continued to return to New Zealand at regular intervals and for substantial periods of time during the intervening decades. As a result, she has known well three generations of the participants in the movement. This closeness has allowed her to witness and document changes at all levels.

Karen and her husband live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her daughter was brought up for a large part of her childhood on Maungarongo marae in Ohakune. She now lives in Chicago.

Publications include

An Historical Dictionary of the Māori People (Scarecrow Press, 2007)

Prophetic Histories: The People of the Māramatanga (Bridget Williams Books, 1999)

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