Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark is Emeritus Professor in the School of History Philosophy and International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington. Before joining the staff of Victoria University she taught in Malaysian, Australian and North American universities.

Publications include

For the Record: Lange and the Fourth Labour Government, editor (Dunmore Press, 2006)

Muldoon Revisited, editor (Dunmore Press, 2004)

Holyoake's Lieutenants, editor (Dunmore Press, 2003)

Three Labour Leaders: Nordmeyer, Kirk and Rowling, editor (Dunmore Press, 2001)

Peter Fraser: Master Politician (Dunmore Press, 1998)

Keith Holyoake: Towards a Political Biography, editor (Dunmore Press, 1997)

Beyond Expectations: Fourteen New Zealand Women Write about their Lives, editor (Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1986)

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