Damon Salesa is a scholar of Pacific politics, history, technology, culture and society.  His work includes the prizewinning book Racial Crossings, ... [+]
Kinley Salmon is a former strategy consultant and has also written for The Economist.... [+]
Anne Salmond is Distinguished Professor at the University of Auckland. ... [+]
Caroline Saunders is Professor of Trade and Environmental Economics at Lincoln University and Director of its Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit.... [+]
Ben Schrader is a Wellington historian specialising in urban history and historic preservation.... [+]
Margot Schwass is a writer, editor and tutor from Wellington.... [+]
Dick Scott is a journalist, writer, historian and publisher and the author of a number of important works of New Zealand history. ... [+]
Andrew Sharp is Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Auckland.... [+]
Karen Sinclair is a Professor of Anthropology at Eastern Michigan University.... [+]
Sir David Skegg is an epidemiologist and public health physician. ... [+]