Sue Pullon

Sue Pullon

Sue Pullon is a New Zealander and mother of three sons. She has had interests in health promotion and education for many years, as a consumer, a parent, a general practitioner, and as a university teacher and researcher.

Sue has qualifications in medicine, general practice and primary care. (MBChB; DipObstetrics; FRNZCGP; MPHC). She is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice at the University of Otago Wellington.

The New Zealand Pregnancy Book was first published in 1991 as the first comprehensive New Zealand guide for women and their families about sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy care and life with a new baby. It has been continuously in print over 21 years of significant change in maternity health care. The second edition was produced in 1999, and a completely revised and updated 3rd edition with midwife Cheryl Benn was completed in 2008. Sue has also written widely in the academic press about her many research and teaching interests. She is the author of over 60 academic and professional articles on topics such as breastfeeding, smoking cessation (especially during pregnancy), women's health, health professional teams, health education and primary health care. Sue and her husband live variously in Wellington, or on the Kapiti Coast, depending on the time of the year, the number of resident offspring and the need for work and leisure space.

Publications include

New Zealand Pregnancy Book: A guide to pregnancy, birth and a baby's first three months, 3rd edition (Bridget Williams Books, 2008)

New Zealand Pregnancy Book, 2nd edition (Bridget Williams Books, 1999)