Sir Paul Callaghan was an award-winning scientist, teacher, visionary and communicator.... [+]
Hamish Campbell is a Geologist/Paleontologist at GNS Science, New Zealand.... [+]
Gillian Chaplin is a photographer and museum professional, and is a founding director of Magian Design Studio, Melbourne.... [+]
Ralph Chapman is a frequent writer and speaker on the policy implications of climate change for New Zealand, particularly in the areas of energy, transport, housing and urban policies. ... [+]
Geoff Chapple is a journalist, author and musician. He was arrested twice during the Springbok tour.... [+]
Simon Chapple is a Senior Research Fellow in the Dunedin Multi-disciplinary Health and Development Research Unit, University of Otago. ... [+]
Margaret Clark is Emeritus Professor in the School of History Philosophy and International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington.... [+]
Alison Clarke is a freelance historian and also works part-time at the Hocken Collections, University of Otago. ... [+]
Kevin Clements is the Director of the New Zealand National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago.... [+]
Glenn Colquhoun is a doctor, poet and children’s writer. ... [+]