Judith Binney
Te Kooti was a guerrilla leader and a feared opponent of the colonial forces. This view does him little justice. He was a man of great vitality, who sought to give the land and his people new life. (R... [+]
Paul Monin
Establishing the significance of the past, this book tells Matiatia’s story from early Māori occupation to the present day. But change is ever present, and today this beautiful heritage site is thr... [+]
Alison Clarke
Emerging from diaries, letters and memoirs, the ‘voices’ of this history tell of new life amidst a turbulent world. Tracing Māori and Pākehā experience, the narrative is centred on mothers, the... [+]
Janine Hayward (ed) | Nicola R. Wheen (ed)
Settlement of iwi claims has been a feature of New Zealand’s political and legal landscape over the last thirty years, drawing international attention. A timely discussion by leading scholars.... [+]
Tony Ballantyne
A tangled web of cultural and economic networks spread across the colonial world. Breaking open the narrative of colonisation offers sharp new perspectives on New Zealand history.... [+]
Cybèle Locke
Last hired in times of plenty and first fired in times of recession, marginalised workers were frequently in and out of employment, and usually peripheral in the union. This is the story of these work... [+]
Allan Davidson (ed)
New Zealand’s first Anglican bishop spoke out against Crown practices that dispossessed Māori. With his wife, he became one of the most influential voices in early European settlement.... [+]
Charlotte Macdonald
State-sponsored ‘national fitness’ programmes were a feature of the mid-twentieth century across the British world. Shortlisted for the Ernest Scott Prize, 2012.... [+]
Judith Binney | Gillian Chaplin | Craig Wallace
'Mihaia' traces the life of Rua Kenana’s community in Te Urewera through to the police assault of 1916, and then onwards to the 1930s.... [+]
Gillian Chaplin | Judith Binney
The experiences of eight Māori women brought up in small rural communities associated with the Ringatū faith. They are ‘survivors’ of years of change and turbulence in the Māori world, and lead... [+]