Lauris Edmond
Lauris Edmond completed her remarkable three-volume autobiography in the early 1990s. One of the great accounts of a New Zealand writer’s life and her writing.... [+]
Rachel McKee
In a language rarely translated into print, the ‘people of the eye’ tell their stories, bringing to life a world little known outside Deaf culture. ... [+]
Judith Binney (ed)
Judith Binney, the editor of the 'New Zealand Journal of History' for many years, selected these essays to offer readers insights into contemporary historical writing about New Zealand.... [+]
Barbara Brookes (ed)
These lively essays edited by Barbara Brookes bring together historical research and social analysis to examine many aspects of the New Zealand home – work, domesticity, leisure, style and even the ... [+]
Lloyd Geering
Lloyd Geering shows how the Christian tradition may lead towards a new world of meaning – which he regards as essential for our survival. This popular forerunner to 'The World To Come' off... [+]
Alan Ward
The history behind the claims arising from the Treaty of Waitangi. Ward’s account reveals a treaty made and then repeatedly breached. The impact of the past upon the present has rarely been analysed... [+]
Trevor Richards
The Springbok tour of 1981 is writ large in New Zealand’s history. This is the story of how the New Zealand people confronted the government and the New Zealand Rugby Football Union and won.... [+]
Jane Kelsey
A thorough study of globalisation’s impact on New Zealand. Jane Kelsey argues that globalisation is not inevitable, invincible or intrinsically good. Her analysis reaches forward into the twenty-fir... [+]
Anne Smith
This New Zealand text on child development is used by early childhood educators, students, and parents, connecting current theory with the local context.... [+]
Jane Kelsey
This book raises important questions about the effects of the economic regime of the 1980s and 1990s on the lives, communities and government of New Zealanders.... [+]