Charlotte Macdonald (ed) | Frances Porter (ed)
A portrait of 'life as it happens' for both Māori and Pākehā women in nineteenth-century New Zealand.... [+]
Prue Hyman
An exploration of the impact of 1980s economic policy on women. Challenges orthodox economic analysis and theory, and argues that the contribution of women as workers and consumers needs to be taken i... [+]
Dorothy Page
This is a book about issues, about personalities, about women's history and about women's struggle for equality.... [+]
Anna Yeatman (ed) | Margaret Wilson (ed)
Traditional concepts of justice are challenged in this collection of essays exploring biculturalism and difference. The ways we approach questions of sovereignty, governance and democracy are fully de... [+]
Frances Porter
Frances Porter paints a vivid portrait of an educated Englishwoman forging a new life as part of a family group that was influential in early New Zealand society.... [+]
Alison Gray
Between these two generations of mothers and daughters lies extraordinary social change. With her usual insight, Alison Gray captures a key transition point for many New Zealand women in the late twen... [+]
Jane Kelsey
Jane Kelsey analyses the shift of power in this country over the ten year period, 1984–1994. Her insights into the redistribution of power and income are penetrating – and far reaching.... [+]
Charlotte Macdonald (ed)
The struggle for women’s rights is traced in newspaper columns, pamphlets and academic articles from the suffrage movement of the 1880s to 1993 – the centenary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand... [+]
Colin James
A leading political analyst details the disruptive changes of the 1980s and 1990s – and looks to the future. 'New Territory' is the sequel to Colin James’s classic book on New Zealand an... [+]
Lauris Edmond
This third volume of Lauris Edmond's autobiography is a journey into the wider world of writing, travel, friends, and literary debate. ... [+]