Barbara Brookes (ed) | Charlotte Macdonald (ed) | Margaret Tennant (ed)
Expanding the scope of Women in History, this book reaches into the twentieth century, exploring such topics as the status of Māori women, domestic work, rural life, delinquency and wartime work.... [+]
W. J. Gardner
The break-up of the Cheviot Estate, a symbol of vast and impregnable wealth, signalled radical change in late nineteenth century New Zealand. This story, brilliantly told, represents local history at ... [+]
Pauline O'Regan
Pauline O’Regan turns her warmth and wit onto the world of her childhood in a West Coast farming community. Accounts of climbing windmills and other adventures are interspersed with meditations on t... [+]
Lauris Edmond
A remarkable account of a woman’s journey from conformity to a tentative and painful independence, of the growth and death of a marriage, and the questioning and discovery of self. ... [+]
Alison Gray
Fourteen New Zealand women describe how – and why – they took a new challenge in mid-life. Alison Gray again allows readers to see the changes taking place in women’s lives in the late twentieth... [+]
Bridget Williams (ed) | Charlotte Macdonald (ed) | Merimeri Penfold (ed)
This biographical dictionary has been acclaimed as a groundbreaking reference work in women’s history. Over 300 lives are documented.... [+]
Charlotte Macdonald
Drawing on the records of working women who migrated to New Zealand in the nineteenth century, this book tells a different history about class and gender.... [+]
Ann Beaglehole
The children of prewar European immigrants to New Zealand were caught between the past (‘always remember’) and the future (‘start from now’). An insightful account of growing up in the late tw... [+]
John E. Martin
The rural world was changing fast in the late nineteenth century, endangering the livelihoods of farm labourers, shearers, musterers and other country workers. This book documents their history.... [+]
Judith Binney | Judith Bassett | Erik Olssen
A visual history of a hundred years settlement in New Zealand, this book tells the story of two communities, Māori and Pākehā. Richly illustrated with paintings, maps and photographs.... [+]