An Illustrated History of the Treaty of Waitangi

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Pages: 346

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ISBN: 9781877242168

ISTC: A022012000021051

DOI: 10.7810/9781877242168

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This book builds on Claudia Orange’s award-winning Treaty of Waitangi, using a wonderful range of photographs, maps and paintings to bring the Treaty’s history to life.

Depictions of key players and moments sit alongside a clear and informative text that helps explain the history of this key document. Two peoples meeting, agreements made and broken, claims and protests: all are a part of the story of the Treaty from before its signing to the present day. Never before have the Treaty’s varied stories been made so accessible the general reader.

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1. An Independent Land – New Zealand to 1840
2. The Treaty of Waitangi – 1840
3. A Matter of Mana – 1840 to 1870
4. Colonial Power and Māori Rights – 1870 to 1900
5. Into the Twentieth Century – 1900 to 1975
6. New Departures – 1975 to 1987
7. The Roller-coaster Years – 1987 to 1990
8. A Decade of Claims – the 1990s
9. Into the Twenty-first Century

Appendix One: Texts of the Treaty of Waitangi
Appendix Two: Treaty Signatories
Appendix Three: Iwi Locations, 2001
Appendix Four: Māori Land, 1860–1939
Appendix Five: Waitangi Tribunal Timeline