At Home in New Zealand

At Home in New Zealand

History, Houses, People

At Home in New Zealand is currently out of print.

Homes and housing are an essential part of everyday life, but we rarely stop to think about what they mean to us. In this vigorous exploration of the idea of 'home' in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a series of experts examine the house as a place of emotional intimacy, a physical structure and an institution. Combining detailed historical research and social analysis, this fascinating work uncovers the rich mine of ideas and associations – work, leisure, style, and even the creation of a national culture – contained within the humble home.


Ian Lochhead
Margaret Tennant
Charlotte Macdonald
Anna K.C. Petersen
Helen M. Leach
Lawrence Jones
Penny Isaac
Erik Olssen
Ben Schrader
Julia Gatley
Robin Skinner
Louise Shaw
Xanthe Howes
Paul Walker
Justine Clark

Table of contents

Introduction: A Sense of Place, Barbara Brookes
1. At home with the past: The Gothic revival house in New Zealand, Ian Lochhead
2. The Decay of Home Life?: The Home in Early Welfare Discourses, Margaret Tennant
3. Strangers at the Hearth: The Eclipse of Domestic Service in New Zealand Homes c1830s–1940s, Charlotte Macdonald
4. The European Use of Māori Art in New Zealand Homes c1890–1914, Anna K.C. Petersen
5. The European House and Garden in New Zealand: A Case for Parallel Development, Helen M. Leach
6. A Home in This World? Provincial Writers and the Puritan Family, Lawrence Jones
7. The Justification for Labour's Housing Scheme: The Discourse of 'the Slum', Penny Isaac and Erik Olssen
8.  Labour at Home: The First Labour Government and the Familial Suburban Ideal, Ben Schrader
9. Going Up Rather Than Out: State Rentals in New Zealand 1935–1949, Julia Gatley
10. Home Away: A State House in London, Robin Skinner
11. A Woman's Place?, Louise Shaw
12. Sarah Campion and the Modern Colonial House, Xanthe Howes and Paul Walker
13. Book, House, Home, Justine Clark and Paul Walker
14. Nostalgia for 'Innocent Pleasures': The 1964 New Zealand Controversy over Washday at the Pa, Barbara Brookes

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781877242045
ISTC: A022012000021077
DOI: 10.7810/9781877242045

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'A fascinating collection of various interpretations of being at home … the photographs are wonderful … the house-home as a symbol of our emerging national identity is a fascinating concept.' Evening Post