Lauris Edmond
Lauris Edmond completed her remarkable three-volume autobiography in the early 1990s. One of the great accounts of a New Zealand writer’s life and her writing.... [+]
Frances Porter
Frances Porter paints a vivid portrait of an educated Englishwoman forging a new life as part of a family group that was influential in early New Zealand society.... [+]
Alison Gray
Between these two generations of mothers and daughters lies extraordinary social change. With her usual insight, Alison Gray captures a key transition point for many New Zealand women in the late twen... [+]
Lauris Edmond
This third volume of Lauris Edmond's autobiography is a journey into the wider world of writing, travel, friends, and literary debate. ... [+]
Pauline O'Regan
Pauline O’Regan turns her warmth and wit onto the world of her childhood in a West Coast farming community. Accounts of climbing windmills and other adventures are interspersed with meditations on t... [+]
Lauris Edmond
A remarkable account of a woman’s journey from conformity to a tentative and painful independence, of the growth and death of a marriage, and the questioning and discovery of self. ... [+]
Bridget Williams (ed) | Charlotte Macdonald (ed) | Merimeri Penfold (ed)
This biographical dictionary has been acclaimed as a groundbreaking reference work in women’s history. Over 300 lives are documented.... [+]
Lauris Edmond
‘Isn’t nineteen an interesting age?’ It was, for Lauris Scott, in wartime Wellington. Based on letters to her mother, this charming memoir tells of a young girl’s passage into womanhood. The f... [+]
Pauline O'Regan
Thirty years after entering the convent, Pauline O’Regan and two other nuns moved into a raw suburban development, establishing a new form of vocational commitment. This is the story of her life, fa... [+]
W. H. Oliver
An eloquent first account of the poet’s life, written by his contemporary, historian and poet, Bill Oliver. It concentrates on James K. Baxter's poetry as both source and justification for biog... [+]