Bonfires in the Rain

Bonfires in the Rain

Bonfires in the Rain is currently out of print.

'Every noise was a roar, every note a chorus, every detail an all-over repeating pattern. A dense, pulsing, stampeding jungle of life.'

For Lauris Edmond, this was married life in its time of greatest fulfilment, with six children in a small New Zealand country town in the fifties. They were rich years, full of laughter and friendship and solidity – the way, she supposed, women's lives were meant to be. But dreams and expectations change, the experience of loss and uncertainty impinge, and as the sixties became the seventies the world shifted on its axis. Women everywhere were questioning the old, familiar loyalties; for Lauris there was no ignoring the promptings of a talent – and a way of being – too long suppressed.

Bonfires in the Rain is a remarkable account of a woman's journey from conformity to a tentative and painful independence; of the growth and death of a marriage, and the questioning and discovery of self. Eloquent and assured, this is autobiography at its most revealing, and confirms Lauris Edmond as an outstanding prose writer.

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Jul 2014
Pages: 241
ISBN: 9780908912001
ISTC: A0220120000210C6


"This penetrating narrative, with its grace, clarity, sensitivity and stark honesty, is the equal of her finest poems." Andrew Mason, New Zealand Books