Katharina Rukstuhl (ed) | Maria Amoamo (ed) | Merata Kawharu (ed)
This book brings together writing on the big questions about the role of Māori, tikanga and mātauranga in shaping science and technological innovation.... [+]
Paul Tapsell
This book calls for political action: the urgent need for a ‘lighthouse of understanding’ – Pou Mārama – in which the Crown’s agricultural research realigns itself with tikanga and works... [+]
Philip S. Morrison
Where we live impacts our wellbeing – and so is a crucial element in public policy. The relationship between subjective wellbeing and place is not well understood, but it is vitally important. This ... [+]
Sarah Bennett (ed)
In this urgent collection of essays, nine authors outline their vision for sustainable tourism in Aotearoa - the barriers to achieving a tourism 'reset' and how they can be overcome.... [+]
Tom Doig (ed)
If much of the world can work together to beat a deadly pandemic, imagine what might happen if we turned our collective energy to tackling the climate crisis.... [+]
Alison Jones
Every Pākehā becomes a Pākehā in their own way, finding their own meaning for that Māori word. This is the story of what it means to me.... [+]
Nina Hall (ed)
New Zealand looks out to a turbulent world. Long-standing alliances are fracturing, populism and nationalism are surging and the oceans are rising. Yet precisely for these reasons New Zealand should d... [+]
Andrew Chen (ed)
Data flows around the world as computers trade in 0s and 1s, silently making decisions that affect all of us, every day. This book reveals some of the hidden impacts of technology... [+]
Decolonisation is a term that alarms some, and gives hope to others. It is an uncomfortable and often bewildering concept for many New Zealanders. This book seeks to demystify decolonisation using ... [+]
Teall Crossen
The world is heating up beyond the capacity of some countries to cope. This book explores what a just response to the risk of climate change displacement in the Pacific could look like.... [+]