Jane Kelsey
In 2002 global capitalism was in crisis. These essays reject market-led approaches to nation-building, and argue for strategies that put people at the centre. ... [+]
Marilyn Waring
Some of the author’s best columns from the Listener, together with new writing. Themes include international questions, politics, feminist issues, women of influence, and life on the farm. Acute and... [+]
Lloyd Geering
Once again, Lloyd Geering responds to the pressing concerns of contemporary religion. Readers will welcome these deeply considered words from an international scholar. ... [+]
Lloyd Geering
Lloyd Geering’s vision of a new global spirituality that may enable humankind to survive, even flourish, on planet earth. ... [+]
Lloyd Geering
Lloyd Geering shows how the Christian tradition may lead towards a new world of meaning – which he regards as essential for our survival. This popular forerunner to 'The World To Come' off... [+]
Jane Kelsey
A thorough study of globalisation’s impact on New Zealand. Jane Kelsey argues that globalisation is not inevitable, invincible or intrinsically good. Her analysis reaches forward into the twenty-fir... [+]
Anne Smith
This New Zealand text on child development is used by early childhood educators, students, and parents, connecting current theory with the local context.... [+]
Jane Kelsey
This book raises important questions about the effects of the economic regime of the 1980s and 1990s on the lives, communities and government of New Zealanders.... [+]
Prue Hyman
An exploration of the impact of 1980s economic policy on women. Challenges orthodox economic analysis and theory, and argues that the contribution of women as workers and consumers needs to be taken i... [+]
Anna Yeatman (ed) | Margaret Wilson (ed)
Traditional concepts of justice are challenged in this collection of essays exploring biculturalism and difference. The ways we approach questions of sovereignty, governance and democracy are fully de... [+]