Counting for Nothing

What Men Value and What Women are Worth

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Women's work fuels the economies of every country in the world. Yet no value is placed on this labour. Marilyn Waring analyses economics from a feminist perspective and explores the implications of discounting the work of half the world's population. Once again she challenges the assumptions on which power rests.

Preface by Gloria Steinem

1. A Woman's Reckoning
2. A Calling to Account
3. The Boundary of Conception
4. Nothing Sexist Here
5. The Statistical Conspiracy
6. Villainy and Incompetence
7. The Value of Death
8. A Value on Your Time
9. The Eye of the Beholder
10. "Your Economic Theory Makes No Sense"
11. If Counting was the Limit of Intelligence
12. Glimpsing the Whole