Counting for Nothing

Counting for Nothing

What Men Value and What Women are Worth

Women's work fuels the economies of every country in the world. Yet no value is placed on this labour. Marilyn Waring analyses economics from a feminist perspective and explores the implications of discounting the work of half the world's population. Once again she challenges the assumptions on which power rests.

Table of contents

Preface by Gloria Steinem

1. A Woman's Reckoning
2. A Calling to Account
3. The Boundary of Conception
4. Nothing Sexist Here
5. The Statistical Conspiracy
6. Villainy and Incompetence
7. The Value of Death
8. A Value on Your Time
9. The Eye of the Beholder
10. "Your Economic Theory Makes No Sense"
11. If Counting was the Limit of Intelligence
12. Glimpsing the Whole


Print publication:
Ebook publication: Mar 2020
Pages: 310
ISBN: 9780868615714
ISTC: A02201200002110B

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'The work of women is excluded from our national accounting and overlooked in economics in general... Now this splendid work goes far to fill this appalling gap. No concerned woman (or man) can ignore it.' J.K. Galbraith

'Marilyn Waring demystifies both national and international economics. As the rare expert who is also witty, a populist and an excellent explainer, she... puts human beings and human values into economics.' Gloria Steinem

'This excellent book is required reading for every committed woman in feminist politics. It is a challenge for every male economist and politician. It is a source book which we need desperately.' Petra Kelly

'... angry yet humorous, well-written and accessible ...' New York Times ‘Notable Books of the Year 1989’

'As one might expect from a woman courageous enough to make a stand, on a point of principle, that brought down a government, this is a forthright, serious and eloquent book.' The New Statesman