Fair Borders?

Fair Borders?

Migration Policy in the Twenty-First Century

‘Our migration policy impacts on New Zealand citizens, on recent immigrants and on people who are never permitted to set foot on this land. It creates prosperity for some and hardship for others.’

Debates over immigration are heating up – with grave political consequences. Fair Borders draws together a broad set of writers to discuss whether New Zealand’s immigration policy offers a 'fair go’ to those just arriving, and to those who arrived a long time ago. This edited collection includes new and diverse perspectives that go beyond the boundaries of popular debate, in which migrants are too often treated as numbers, not people.


Andrew Chen is a PhD candidate in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Auckland.

Francis Collins is a senior lecturer in Geography and Rutherford Discovery Fellow at the University of Auckland.

David Hall is a Senior Researcher at The Policy Observatory AUT.

Nina Hall is a lecturer at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

Hautahi Kingi is an economist based in Washington, DC.

Tahu Kukutai is Professor of Demography at the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis.

Evelyn Marsters is deputy editor at Impolitikal.

Kate McMillan is a senior lecturer in Politics at Victoria University of Wellington.

Arama Rata is a Research Officer at the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis.

Murdoch Stephens is a lecturer at Massey University in Wellington.

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Print publication:
Ebook publication: Jun 2017
Pages: 240
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9780947518851
DOI: 10.7810/9780947518851

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