Geering and God: 1965–71

The Heresy Trial that Divided New Zealand

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DOI: 10.7810/9781927131930

‘Throughout his long life Lloyd Geering has wrestled with ‘God’, the deepest fundamental questions of human identity and making sense of living in this world in relationship with others.’ Allan K. Davidson

The events surrounding the ‘trial’ of Lloyd Geering for heresy in the late 1960s were unprecedented in New Zealand. Charged with ‘doctrinal error’ and ‘disturbing the peace and unity of the church’, Geering was thrust into the heat of public debate. Sourced from his autobiography Wrestling With God, these dramatic events reveal a country provoked into considering the big questions of life, death and identity in a modern world.

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Foreword by Allan K. Davidson/p>

1. Thrust into the Limelight...

2. ...and Charged with Heresy

3. The Battle of the Books

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