Generation Rent

Generation Rent

Rethinking New Zealand’s Priorities

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The decline of home ownership has struck at the heart of the Kiwi dream – so perhaps it is time to fashion a new one.

House prices may boom or bust but the long-term trend is clear: for more New Zealanders than ever, home ownership is out of reach. Incomes simply have not kept pace with skyrocketing property prices. ‘Generation Rent’ calls into question priorities at the heart of New Zealand’s identity.

In this BWB Text, Shamubeel and Selena Eaqub investigate how we ended up here, and what can be done to ensure all New Zealanders – home owners and renters alike – live in affordable and secure housing.

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Print publication:
Ebook publication: Jun 2015
Pages: 188
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9780908321032
ISTC: A02201500000004A
DOI: 10.7810/9780908321032

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'This is an urgent and highly readable book in which the authors contend that home ownership is nothing less than an issue that will define the kind of culture and country New Zealand will become – and the issue needs to be properly confronted.' Reg Birchfield, New Zealand Management, August 2015

'If you are interested in fixing the housing crisis, Shamubeel and Selena Eaqub's #GenerationRent is a must read.' @PhilTwyford

'Shamubeel Eaqub is very difficult to pin down: he's a neoclassical economist adored by parts of the political left, an assiduous networker determined to take on the establishment and a talented empiricist who's not afraid to act as a cultural critic. In Generation Rent these contradictions collide with the Eaqubs – Shamubeel co-authors the book with economist and partner Selena – taking on the economic, political and cultural forces pushing up house prices and leaving an entire generation with no choice other than to rent for the rest of their lives.' Morgan Godfery,