Going Places

Going Places

Migration, Economics and the Future of New Zealand

Migration and the movement of people is one of the critical issues confronting the world’s nations in the twenty-first-century.

This book is about the economic contribution of migration to and from New Zealand, one of the most frequently discussed aspects of the debate. Can immigration, in economic terms, be more than a gap filler for the labour market and help as well with national economic transformation? And what is the evidence on the effect of migration not just on house prices but also on jobs, trade or broader economic performance?

Building on Sir Paul Callaghan’s vision of New Zealand as a place ‘where talent wants to live’, this book explores how we can attract skilled, creative and entrepreneurial people born in other countries, and whether our ‘seventeenth region’ – the more than 600,000 New Zealanders living abroad – can be a greater national asset.

Hayden Glass on Kiwi Connect

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Print publication:
Ebook publication: Mar 2016
Pages: 190
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9780947492694
ISTC: A02201600000004D
DOI: 10.7810/9780947492694

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'Migration is central to the existence of all New Zealanders. Going Places helps us understand the complex issues behind how we got here, who is joining, who is leaving and where we are all going. Any meaningful discussion on the future of immigration in these islands will require an understanding of the issues outlined in this book.' Hautahi Kingi

'A thoughtful, evidence-based overview of a very important issue that stands out for being written for a general audience.' Professor Paul Dalziel, Lincoln University

‘If you have ever wondered about the role migration plays in our economy, here is a book that makes the complex simple and the pathway clear.’ Wendy McGuinness, Chief Executive, McGuinness Institute

‘Whether it is welcoming people from other places, or connecting with New Zealanders overseas Going Places shows that one of our most important resources is our migrants.' Phil Veal, Kea Chair

Going Places explains the real economic benefits from giving our people more options for residence overseas, and from working smarter with one of the world's largest diasporas.’ Craig Donaldson, Kea CEO

‘This is a great book. Finally some data in amongst all the politics and rhetoric.’ Nigel Latta


'Sir Paul Callaghan, a world renowned scientist and 2011 New Zealander of the Year, maintained that New Zealand should aim for an economy based on science, technology and innovation. He talked of New Zealand as a place ‘where talent wants to live’. While New Zealand has plenty of jobs in the service industry, especially in hospitality, these are low wage jobs and will not lift our economy. Sir Paul died in 2012 but the authors of this book echo his views and suggest the future economy of New Zealand would benefit from encouraging the right kind of immigrants.' Pat Syme, The Migrant Times, 2 October 2016