In the Lifetime of a Goat

In the Lifetime of a Goat

Writings 1984-2000

In the Lifetime of a Goat is currently out of print.

Marilyn Waring was in Ethiopia during the 1984 famine, in Bombay when Indira Gandhi was assassinated, in New York at the height of the feminist movement, and attended the Jamaican funeral for Bob Marley. Now a goat farmer and associate professor in politics at Massey University (Albany), she continues her international work in development, and lectures around the world on economic and political issues.

In the years since leaving Parliament in 1984, Marilyn Waring has continued to write. The best from her popular Listener columns appear here, along with much new writing. Introductions provide a contemporary framework for the central themes - international questions, New Zealand politics, feminist issues, women of influence, and (by no means least) life on the farm.

Marilyn Waring is 'the rare expert who is witty, a populist, and an excellent explainer' (Gloria Steinem); she is an acute political observer with a fund of knowledge and a profound sense of humanity. Her world is edged, on the one side, by the international questions of the day and, on the other, by the goats she farms; from this perspective, she offers us a commentary on 'the lifetime of a goat', events large and small from 1984 to 2000.

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Series One starting points
1 Under the Mountain April 1998
2 On Claiming a Pakeha Identity January 1996
3 On Leaving Parliament May 1984
4 Open Letter to the G7 Leaders May 1995
5 The Precious Planet February 1989

Series Two women of influence
1 Crusader Bella May 1985
2 Woman of the People October 1985
3 African Experience June 1988
4 In Memory June 1988
5 Women of Influence – on Influence August 1996

Series Three Abused and left out
1 What the Law Calls It August 1984
2 Mildly Pleasurable Harassment September 1984
3 Porn Free April 1985
4 Battle Areas May 1985
5 Production and Reproduction June 1985
6 Fertility in Reality August 1987
7 The Games People Play August 1984
8 Jobs for the UN Boys December 1985
9 La Difference December 1987
10 Small Percentage April 1985
11 Waiting for a Sign June 1985
12 Late Twentieth-Century Neanderthals July 1996

Series Four One way to see the world
1 Thailand November 1984
2 Burma (Myanmar) October 1984
3 India October 1984 84
4 Ethiopia November 1984
5 China October 1985 92
6 Brazil October 1987 99
7 Philippines December 1988

Series Five A vigorous vigilance
1 Big Brothers, We’re Watching You July 1984
2 Dealers in Death April 1987
3 Engaging Play March 1985
4 Tackling Ills with Skills August 1985
5 Top Security Chatter July 1988
6 At the Camp August 1988
7 Suffrage Sufferance April 1987
8 The Stink of Success October 1988
9 Voting Reform: the Conspiracy Theory August 1992
10 Being Prime Ministerial August 1996

Series Six: Having a real life
1 Skiing is Believing May 1986 141
2 Tilling the Friendly Soil December 1986 142
3 ‘Had a Wonderful Time’ January 1987 144
4 A Power of Good May 1987 145
5 Orderly Chaos? June 1987 147
6 Soulless Cities March 1988 149
7 From the Farm October 1988 150
8 A Springtime Bouquet September 1996
9 A Farming Calm February 1997

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 158
ISBN: 9781877242090
ISTC: A022012000021183

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'In the Lifetime of a Goat is the sort of stimulating, mind-stretching read that left me in no doubt about Waring’s intellect and commitment to make a difference – a great addition to any library.' Northern Advocate

'Marilyn Waring is at times hard-hitting, at others witty. She writes with the strong, opinionated, intelligent voice of a woman who knows what she is talking about.' Nelson Mail

'This book is both a valuable addition to our social and political history and a thoroughly enjoyable read.' Waikato Times