Gateway to Waiheke

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For centuries Matiatia Bay has been the landing place for travellers in the Hauraki Gulf – from Māori waka to ocean-going yachts and commuter ferries. Now this beautiful heritage site on Waiheke Island finds itself at a crossroads, as pressure builds for commercial development. Urban planners, Waiheke residents, the Auckland City Council, shipping businesses and other local industry all have a keen interest in what happens next at Matiatia.

Waiheke historian Paul Monin tells the story of the bay from occupation at the time of the first Māori settlement of Aotearoa to the present day – a microcosm of New Zealand’s history. Charmingly written, Matiatia: Gateway to Waiheke explores the area’s archaeology, politics, ecology and society, illustrated with a rich selection of photographs and maps.

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Table of contents

1. Uncovering the History of the Land
2. Into the Nineteenth Century
3. The Partition and Sale of Maori Land
4. Cruising to the Bay
5. The Alison Years
6. The Hulk on the Beach
7. Subdivisions, Wharves and Shipping Wars
8. Matiatia in Wartime
9. A Changing Society
10. An Increasingly Pressured Space
11. Where to Now?

Print publication:
Pages: 134
RRP: $34.99
ISBN: 9781927131459
ISTC: A02201200002150F

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