A Matter of Fact

A Matter of Fact

Talking Truth in a Post-Truth World

We may be in the golden age of information, with access to more facts than ever before. Yet in the time of fake news and post-truth politics, it seems that conspiracy and rumour spread faster than ever and are even harder to debunk. Battling over facts can be exhausting and polarising. For those committed to distinguishing misinformation from good information – how do we convincingly explain the difference?

Jess Berentson-Shaw tackles these questions head-on. In A Matter of Fact she explores the science of communicating and presents innovative ways to talk effectively (and empathetically) about contentious information. The discussion is based on contemporary examples such as immunisation, the gender pay gap, and climate change. A Matter of Fact is both an informative guide to constructive communication and a passionate reminder of the importance of finding what matters to all of us.

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Print publication:
Ebook publication: Aug 2018
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781988545387
DOI: 10.7810/9781988545387


'Public CEO reshuffle: Why are only men's hands safe hands?', Jess Berentson-Shaw, RNZ, 13 June 2018.