The New Zealand Project

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Pages: 290

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ISBN: 9780947492588

DOI: 10.7810/9780947492588

By any measure, New Zealand must confront monumental issues in the years ahead. From the future of work to climate change, wealth inequality to new populism – these challenges are complex and even unprecedented. Yet why does New Zealand’s political discussion seem so diminished, and our political imagination unequal to the enormity of these issues? And why is this gulf particularly apparent to young New Zealanders?

These questions sit at the centre of Max Harris’s ‘New Zealand project’. This book represents, from the perspective of a brilliant young New Zealander, a vision for confronting the challenges ahead. Unashamedly idealistic, The New Zealand Project arrives at a time of global upheaval that demands new conversations about our shared future.

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1. The New Zealand Project
2. Winds from the North, South, West and East: Global Forces and Frictions Shaping New Zealand Politics
3. New Zealand and the World
4. A New Framework for Economic Policy
5. The Art of What Might Not Seem Possible at the Moment: On Decolonisation and Constitutions
6. Social Infrastructure: Health, Education and Housing
7. Justice Means More Than Revenge
8. The Politics of Love: And the Changing World of Work
9. ‘Clean and Green’?: Environmental Politics and Policy
10. Genders, Masculinities and Sexualities
11. People Power
12. Taking the New Zealand Project Forward