No Ordinary Deal

No Ordinary Deal

Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement

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A new free-trade deal threatens to undermine New Zealand’s ability to make the political decisions its people want, argue Jane Kelsey and others in a series of essays on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Rather than genuinely opening the way for increased trade with the US and other Pacific Rim countries, the agreement risks jeopardising financial regulation, drugs purchasing policy, food standards and health initiatives. Detailing the effects of previous trade deals on countries across the world, the authors of these challenging essays open up debate on a crucial but little discussed deal.

Part of Series 21: into a new century.

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David Adamson
José Aylwin
Geoff Bertram
Paul Buchanan
Edward Challies
Susy Frankel
Tom Faunce
Jock Given
Bryan Gould
Jane Kelsey
Ted Murphy
Warwick Murray
John Quiggin
Patricia Ranald
Bill Rosenberg
Nan Seuffert
Ruth Townsend
Todd Tucker
Lori Wallach

Table of contents

Introduction, Jane Kelsey
1. Political Implications for New Zealand Bryan Gould
2. The Politics of the TPPA in Australia, Patricia Ranald
3. US Politics and the TPPA, Lori Wallach and Todd Tucker
4. The TPPA and Indigenous Peoples: Lessons from Latin America, José Aylwin
5. Security Implications of the TPPA, Paul Buchanan
6. Lessons from the Australia–US Free Trade Agreement, John Quiggin
7. The TPPA, Agribusiness and Rural Livelihoods, Warwick Murray and Ed Challies
8. Quarantine and Food Safety Issues in a TPPA, David Adamson
9. Border Carbon Adjustments and Climate Change Policy, Geoff Bertram
10. Public Health and Medicine Policies, Thomas Faunce and Ruth Townsend
11. Intellectual Property in New Zealand and the TPPA, Susy Frankel
12. Culture and Information, Jock Given
13. Government Procurement and Labour Issues, Ted Murphy
14. International Capital and Investment, Bill Rosenberg
15. Trade in Services, Jane Kelsey
16. The TPPA and Financial Sector Deregulation, Nan Seuffert and Jane Kelsey

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Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 288
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ISBN: 9781877242502
ISTC: A022012000021279
DOI: 10.7810/9781877242502

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