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DOI: 10.7810/9781927131862

The grief sits like hot magma, held down by a crust of action…

Rebecca Macfie’s first-hand accounts of the Christchurch earthquakes in the New Zealand Listener provided an often searing account of the disaster. They were powerful and immediate because Macfie herself lived there, personally affected by the devastation.

As Macfie explains in ‘Hope and despair’, the first chapter of this BWB Text, her own house was badly damaged and she and her family were forced to move out. But other families faced injury and even death. Written over a period of two years, Macfie’s Report from Christchurch traces the city’s struggle to recover from the disaster and plan for the future.

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Author Note

Hope and despair
We are just shattered
Blast those barriers
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Christchurch is struck again
Hard yards: The plight of Canterbury landowners
Christchurch 12 months on
Seeing the red zone
Rush to ruin: Christchurch's heritage buildings are a must keep
Postcards from Christchurch one year on
How the Christchurch Pops Choir lit up our neighbourhood
Outside the square: Can Christchurch be revitalised?
Frustration and rage: Christchurch homeowners face long wait for rebuild
Cranmer Courts: Christchurch heritage reduced to mulch