The Fabric of Welfare

The Fabric of Welfare

Voluntary Organisations, Government, and Welfare in New Zealand 1840–2005

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This illuminating history looks at the rich range of bodies, agencies and people helping to create welfare services in New Zealand. Tracing the complex dealings of voluntary groups and government social services, it offers a new perspective on New Zealand social history.

As well as rigorous analysis, The Fabric of Welfare abounds in stories of people who have reformed, cared and served. From the nun who saw a woman about to throw her child into the sea, and so set out to care for ‘foundlings’, to the telethon organisers and wealthy philanthropists, it paints a diverse and fascinating picture of our history of caring for others.

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Table of contents

Part One: The Nineteenth Century
1.1 The British Inheritance
1.2 State Activity
1.3 The Emergence of Voluntary Welfare
1.4 Organised Charity and Early Philanthropy
1.5 Religion and the Churches
1.6 Adult Rescue and Residence
1.7 Prisoners’ Aid and the Male Role in Rescue
1.8 Threads and Patterns
Part Two: War and Depression
2.1 The Expanding Role of the State
2.2 Social Work, Casework and the Personal Social Services
2.3 Wartime Negotiations
2.4 Health
2.5 Disability
2.6 Orphanages and Child Welfare
2.7 Depression and Unemployment
2.8 Interactions
Part Three: Partnership or Entanglement? The Welfare State
and Voluntary Organisations, 1940s–1980s
3.1 The Consolidation of the Welfare State
3.2 Families and Counselling
3.3 Care of the Aged
3.4 Disability Services
3.5 Māori Social Services
3.6 Sisterhood and Social Service
3.7 Confronting Complexity
3.8 Interdependence
3.9 Promulgating Partnership
Part Four: The Contract Crunch – The Late 1980s and Beyond
4.1 Traversing the New Terrain
4.2 Threads Broken, Threads Rewoven

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Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 274
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"Tennant has woven her fabric so skillfully that it flows seamlessly throughout this comprehensive, scholarly and attractively produced work." Tom Brooking,American Historical Review, December 2008