The National Council of Women

The National Council of Women

A Centennial History

The National Council of Women is currently out of print.

Miriam Dell, Vivienne Boyd… Rachel Cumberbeach, Mavis Tiller, Ellen Melville… Amey Daldy, Kate Sheppard, Jessie Mackay… these are but a few of the women who have worked for women's rights through the National Council of Women of New Zealand over the last one hundred years.

They came together at the time of the suffrage campaign in the 1890s, to plan how to use the vote – but the National Council of Women has since worked for equal access to education, for prison reform, for protection of women from alcohol-related violence, for equal pay, for peace, and for the effective control of sexually transmitted diseases. As women are affected by all aspects of society, so the National Council of Women has worked in all areas of political life, local and national, through debate, lobbying and activism.

This is a book about issues, and about personalities. It is a book about women's history – and about women's struggle for equality. The exhilarating variety of women's lives is reflected throughout as it carefully charts the history of a major national organisation.

Table of contents


1. The First Meeting
2. The Heyday of the First National Council of Women
3. Decline and Intermission
4. War and the New National Council of Women
5. The Inter-War Years: Internationalism, Depression and Optimism
6. War and Peace
7. Women, Work and Family, the 1950s and 1960s
8. The Modern NCW: Women and Employment
9. The NCW and a Wider World
10. The NCW and the changing role of the State

Postscript by Janet Hesketh
Appendix A Elected officers of the National Council of Women
Appendix B Life members
Appendix C Conference venues and composition of NCW
Appendix D Organisations which made up the early NCW
Appendix E National Council of Women branches
Appendix F National Council of Women nationally organisedsocieties affiliated
Appendix G NCWNZ members who have held office at the International Council of Women
Appendix H Standing Committee Conveners
Appendix I Parliamentary Watch Committee
Appendix J 'Action Stations!' by Whim Wham
Appendix K NCW submissions 1989

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781869401542
ISTC: A0220120000222E9
DOI: 10.7810/9781869401542


'An insightful addition to our literature.' Bronwyn Labrum, New Zealand Journal of History, 31(2), 1997