The Summer Book

The Summer Book

A New Zealand Miscellany

The Summer Book is currently out of print.

The Summer Book is New Zealand's miscellany, a lively collection of prose and verse, photograph and painting, history and fiction.

Here Sir David Low traces his first steps as a cartoonist – in Christchurch. A short story by Katherine Mansfield is rescued from the oblivion of periodical publication. Brian Brake glances back to his years in the East. There is new fiction by Dan Davin and Yvonne du Fresne; an account of early bird painting in New Zealand, with illustrations; a moving story by Matarena Reneti; letters and paintings by one of New Zealand's first woman artists; recollections by Fleur Adcock and J.C. Beaglehole; some of New Zealand's worse verse; and a solution to the rabbit problem, suggested by Tony Simpson.


Katherine Mansfield
David Low
Bill Manhire
W.H. Oliver
Dan Davin
Brian Brake
Janet Paul
Matarena Reneti
Stanley Roche
Yvonne Du Fresne

Christopher Cochrane
A.G. Bagnall
John Andrews
Fleur Adcock
J.C. Beaglehole
Max Riske
Jeannette Ward
Barbara Rogers
Tony Simpson

Table of contents

Katherine Mansfield: A Pic-Nic
David Low: New Zealand Years
Bill Manhire: Zoetopes
W.H. Oliver: Towards a stuffed kiwi
Dan Davin: When Mum Died
Brian Brake: In the East
Janet Paul: Sarah Greenwood 1806-1899
Matarena Reneti & Stanley Roche: Of Love and Death
Yvonne Du Fresne: The Growing of Astrid Westergaard
Christopher Cochrane: Summer Buildings
A.G. Bagnall: The New Route for Tourists
John Andrews: A Miscellany of Ornithologists and Illustrators
Fleur Adcock: Future Work
The World of Books: J.C. Beaglehole, Max Riske, Jeannette Ward and Barbara Rogers
Tony Simpson: Six Ways to Cook a Rabbit

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9780908635054
ISTC: A02201200002231B