The Summer Book 2

The Summer Book 2

A New Zealand Miscellany

The Summer Book 2 is currently out of print.

The Summer Book 2 is New Zealand's miscellany, a lively collection of prose and verse, photograph and painting, history and fiction.


Joy Cowley
Sharon Crosbie
Marti Friedlander
Colin James
Anne Kirker
Gail Lambert
Mira Long
E.H. McCormick
Owen Marshall
Mary Menzies
Vincent O'Sullivan
Ernst Plischke
Keith Sinclair
Marilynn Webb

Table of contents

Marti Friedlander – Portraits
Colin James – Making Home
Keith Sinclair – The Origin of the Species
Vincent O'Sullivan – The Last of Freddie
Ernst Plischke – About Houses
Moira Long – Martha King, Botanical Artist
Gail Lambert – A Family of Potters
Anne Kirker – Art Upside Down
Marilynn Webb – Recipe Prints
E.H. McCormick – Apollo in Taihape
Mary Mezies – A West Coast Holiday in the 1880s
Joy Cowley – The Machinery of Dreams
Owen Marshall – Bravo Echo Victor
Sharon Crosbie – A Summer Lunch
Notes on Contributors

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780908635085
ISTC: A02201200002232E