The Treaty of Waitangi

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Pages: 356

RRP: $49.99

ISBN: 9781877242489

ISTC: A022012000021419

DOI: 10.7810/9781877242489

Since its publication in 1987, Claudia Orange’s book has become the standard guide to one of the key documents in New Zealand history, selling over 40,000 copies.

The complexities of the Treaty, which have done so much to shape New Zealand history for nearly 200 years, are thoughtfully explored as Orange examines the meanings the document has held for Māori and Pākehā.

A new introduction brings it up to date with all that has happened since, complementing the book’s lucid and well-researched exploration of how and why the Treaty was signed.

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1. The British Crown and the Māori people
2. Māori sovereignty and its demise
3. The Treaty at Waitangi
4. Extending the Treaty
5. Early years of doubt and debate
6. Challenges to sovereignty and the Treaty
7. A matter of mana
8. A war of sovereignty
9. The quest for lost rights
10. A struggle for autonomy
11. A residue of guilt: 1890–1987