The Zealandia Drowning Debate

The Zealandia Drowning Debate

Did New Zealand Sink Beneath the Waves?

Did the entire New Zealand land mass sink beneath the waves 23 million years ago?

Many biologists reject the idea and insist that our native terrestrial fauna can be explained only by the continuous existence of land. But many geologists are now asserting that there is no longer any convincing geological evidence that the New Zealand section of Zealandia remained above the sea’s surface. But if Zealandia did sink completely beneath the waves 23 million years ago – where did our distinctive ancient flora and fauna such as the tuatara and our tree ferns come from?

This BWB Text is a provocative treatment of the ‘Drowning Zealandia’ scientific controversy by geologist Hamish Campbell.

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Ebook publication:
Pages: 48
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DOI: 10.7810/9781927131961

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‘The author has a gift for telling stories that keep your attention even when he delves into detailed scientific debate … as entertaining to read for a geologist as well as for the general public interested in New Zealand’s natural history’, K Bassett, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Canterbury, in the New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics

‘A clear and engaging presentation of a scientific debate that suits the electronic format’, Rebecca Priestley, The New Zealand Listener