Understanding Children’s Development

Understanding Children’s Development

A New Zealand Perspective

Please note that this edition is no longer available for sale. The new fifth edition is available here

Understanding Children’s Development looks at how and why children develop, and how they are influenced by the people and events in their lives.

It examines theories of development and learning, and the importance of early experience. It also covers the development of social behaviour and gender roles, and the practice of mainstreaming children with special educational needs into regular classrooms.

The fourth edition of this classic text – widely used by early childhood educators, students and parents – has been completely revised, bringing new theoretical concepts into the New Zealand context.

Table of contents


1. Development: Theory and Description2. Basic Principles of Learning3. Observation4. Children's Perspectives5. The Nature and Consequences of Early Experience6. Social Development7. The Development of Gender Roles8. Language Development9. Thinking in Context10. Assessment11. The Family12. Disability and Development

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2020
Pages: 358
ISBN: 9780908912964
ISTC: A022012000021468
DOI: 10.7810/9780908912964

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'Excellent value … Congratulations are due to the publisher, Bridget Williams, as well as the authors, for producing such a valuable resource.' New Zealand Education Review

'A wonderful, in-depth New Zealand resource which will help those studying or working in the fields of education and psychology, or anyone involved with children, including parents, gain a greater understanding of children’s development and keep them abreast with current thinking.' Ashburton Guardian