Marilyn Waring
In 1975, Marilyn Waring was elected to the New Zealand Parliament aged just 23 and served as one of only a few female MPs during Muldoon’s government. This autobiographical account of Waring’s ext... [+]
Vincent O'Malley
The New Zealand Wars were a series of conflicts that profoundly shaped the course and direction of our nation’s history. This book by leading historian Vincent O'Malley provides an accessible i... [+]
David Skegg
Eminent public health researcher David Skegg argues that the Havelock North campylobacter outbreak was not a random event. To prevent future public health disasters, he explains, New Zealand must invest in society-wide public health. ... [+]
Marilyn Waring
This short book provides an essential assessment of wellbeing economics from a leading feminist scholar.... [+]
Kim Workman
Kim Workman is a central figure in the ongoing discussion of justice and prison policy in New Zealand. This memoir is a powerful first-hand account of state and social forces that have helped shape co... [+]
Morgan Godfery
Morgan Godfery is one of New Zealand’s most energising young thinkers. Precociously talented, in just a few short years he has become a leading voice in the country’s social and political life. Th... [+]
Mike Joy (ed)
Leading ecologist Mike Joy teams up with thinkers from all walks of life to consider how we can solve New Zealand’s freshwater crisis.... [+]
Frances Steel
A multi-disciplinary work encompassing history, marine science, archaeology and visual culture, New Zealand and the Sea explores New Zealand’s varied relationship with the sea, challenging the conve... [+]
Max Rashbrooke
A wide-ranging book that challenges prevailing thinking on the effectiveness of market-based reforms and the role of government in the twenty-first-century. ... [+]
Lana Lopesi
In this BWB Text, Lana Lopesi argues that while colonisation created divisions across Te Moana Nui a Kiwa, the adaptability of Moana peoples is now turning the ocean back into the unifying continent t... [+]