Pauline O'Regan
Thirty years after entering the convent, Pauline O’Regan and two other nuns moved into a raw suburban development, establishing a new form of vocational commitment. This is the story of her life, fa... [+]
Margaret Clark (ed)
A testament to the intense post-1970 debates about women’s place in society. These frank and perceptive accounts offer a unique portrait of an era – and of some wonderful personalities and achieve... [+]
Colin James
New Zealand in 1986 was characterised by nothing so much as change. Reform was everywhere. Was it a betrayal, or a challenge and opportunity for the future?... [+]
Barbara Brookes (ed) | Charlotte Macdonald (ed) | Margaret Tennant (ed)
Looking at Pākehā women’s lives a century or more ago, these essays open up discussion on women’s history.... [+]
Christine Dann
The late twentieth century saw a renewal of feminist activism. This valuable account of the women’s liberation movement recounts changes that have affected all women's lives.... [+]
W. H. Oliver
An eloquent first account of the poet’s life, written by his contemporary, historian and poet, Bill Oliver. It concentrates on James K. Baxter's poetry as both source and justification for biog... [+]
Bridget Williams (ed)
An equally eclectic mix. Contributions come from Marti Friedlander, Colin James, Keith Sinclair, Ernst Plischke, Vincent O’Sullivan, Owen Marshall, Joy Cowley, Marilynn Webb, Anne Kirker...... [+]
Bridget Williams (ed)
A lively collection of prose and verse, photographs and painting, history and fiction. From Katherine Mansfield to Brian Brake to Dan Davin. A beautifully produced book that tells us what was being re... [+]