The BWB Collections roadmap

All BWB Collections are managed in-house and we are committed to the ongoing development of the underpinning platform. Below is an outline of our development plans but it is far from exhaustive and, of course, subject to change. Please contact us for more information.


  • ‘Clickable’ hardcopy page numbers – meaning each page number URL is linked up automatically on title processing.
  • Enhanced search including targeted results that take you directly to the found search term.


  • Offline chapter reading using Application Cache and Local Storage.
  • Header minimising on scrolling in the reading environment.
  • Hover effect endnotes and glossary terms.


  • Richer search results including faceted search and searching across multiple Collections.
  • Drop-down header in the reading environment providing increased web widget functionality.
  • Trial open notation using


Please note that BWB is committed to pursuing these items – and the long-term development of the Collections platform – but we cannot guarantee each and every item will eventuate.