Wonderful bookshop competition 2015

Wonderful bookshop competition 2015

And the winner is: Time Out Bookstore, Mt Eden!

This lovely city/village bookshop inspired a poem by Kate Rassie (see below), that wins her a full set of BWB Texts, on one of the special BWB Texts stands. And there were so many great entries for Time Out that Simon Day has been awarded runner-up, and will receive 4 Texts of his choice!

The people at Time Out have received a Winter Hamper, full of tasty New Zealand treats chosen by the BWB team, and Tangata Whenua authors Atholl Anderson and Aroha Harris – plus a fabulous fruitcake from a BWB Anon. And it seems important to add that Time Out was Judith Binney’s local and much-loved bookshop – she would be pleased.

Congratulations, Time Out and the team (not forgetting the cat), Kate Rassie and Simon Day.

BWB had a record number of entries for many wonderful bookshops, notably Atlantis Books in Rotorua, Books-A-Plenty in Tauranga, Paige’s Book Gallery in Whanganui and Unity Books, Wellington. Congratulations to all – it’s clear that New Zealanders love their local bookshops! Watch this space for more heart-warming words about what is great about New Zealand bookshops.

Kate Rassie on Time Out Bookstore:

Time Out bookshop, in Mt Eden
Is a treasure to behold!
A bastion-of-area
With elements of old:

For, in these days of Amazon:
Of eBooks and of Kindles;
Of FedEx, and Depository;
And other online-swindles –

One lusts, you see, for people!
For page, and warmth, and chat:
For slightly-dusty shelving
For advice, and tabby-cat!

For folk who know their literature
For waitlists writ on paper
For banter, warmth, and knowledge
For literary caper!

For staff who know their Atwood
Their McEwan, and their Barnes
Their Zadie Smith, their Enright
Who spin warming, bookish yarns!

I’ll go there for a nosy
In a dreary winter spell
And be lost for several hours
In warmth, and paper-smell

With fingers on the book-spines
And words upon the tongue
For this place, it shares the passion
And its praises must be sung!

Simon Day on Time Out Bookstore:

‘Opposite my GP, as a sickly wee boy I grew up in Time Out Bookstore; I’ve slowly moved from the warm cubby hole at the back of the store where I discovered Maurice Sendak, to the higher shelves where the kind staff (and Lucinda the cat) have introduced me to Thomas Pynchon, Emily Perkins, and Max Rashbrooke.’


Some other great entries from 2015:

Jackie Evans, on Atlantis Books, Rotorua:

Atlantis Books, Atlantis Books,
Wander in and take a look,
Do you have a yen for history,
Philosophy, or mystery?
D.H. Lawrence, Sherlock Holmes,
Science fiction, classical tomes?

First editions in all their glory?
Fine art prints, or children's stories?
Local authors take the stage,
Poetry across the ages,
Tin-tin, Asterix, comics, games,
Science fiction, many great names,

Maoritanga, authors of substance,
Surround us here in great abundance,
And on Wednesday afternoons at four,
Mad Poets meet, and hold the floor!
So visit Atlantis, Eruera Street,
Where book lovers and poets meet.

Paul Tegg, on Books-A-Plenty, Tauranga: Kia ora. Books A Plenty have been ka nui te pai in suggesting books for my mokopuna to share with her and for her to read, really appreciated.

Lucy Mouland, on Unity Books, Wellington: Unity Books understands that buying a book is so much more than a couple of clicks and a credit card: I can stroll in, linger, breathe in the scent of paper, touch and weigh the book in my hands, test the print size, flick through pages, even sit and read a while before browsing along a shelf to find an unexpected treasure - its everything a bookshop should be (and everything that on-line isn't).


Some great entries from 2014:

Unity Books, Wellington. Last time I went in I found a copy of The Idiot by Dostoyevsky. Just as I hoped. When I took it to the counter the assistant asked why I was buying The Idiot. This led on to a great conversation about ‘idiots’ and ‘saints’ and the difficulty in telling them apart. Charlotte Paul

Books-A-Plenty, Tauranga. A great indie bookstore that keeps on going; is a haven in a sea of chains; and has a solid NZ section right next to the counter! Alison McCulloch

Almo Books, Carterton, stands out for offering a truly bespoke collection, from classic to modern, popular to esoteric, it’s packed with exactly what you want to find in an independent bookstore, and it’s cute and cosy to boot – not to mention that it generously hosts Wairarapa Word events, making it a real community hub! Zoe Meager

The Booklover, Takapuna ... for book-smell and ambience; for crisp displays and well-cultivated collections; for a healthy bonhomie of New Zealand literature ... for smooth undented covers and an excellent back-catalogue...For vivacious, welcoming, well-informed proprietors ... Kate Duggan