Re-Tweet and win 5 BWB Texts!

Re-Tweet and win 5 BWB Texts!

If you re-Tweet our Tweet about the launch of our new website, you will go into the draw to win the 5 BWB Texts newly released in November (see below for more information on these exciting new titles)!

Simply go to @BWB_NZ. The lucky winner will be drawn on Friday 4 December at midday.

The new website’s features include an optimised, user-friendly design, integrated e-commerce and much, much more!

5 BWB Texts in November:

Towards a Warmer World: What Climate Change Will Mean for New Zealand’s Future by Veronika Meduna
As new thresholds are breached, acclaimed Radio New Zealand science writer Veronika Meduna explores our future in a warmer world.

Wealth and New Zealand by Max Rashbrooke
Following his groundbreaking work on income inequality, Max Rashbrooke examines how wealth shapes our experience. Drawing on previously unpublished data, he explores what constitutes wealth in New Zealand.

Why Science Is Sexist by Nicola Gaston
In this eye-opening BWB Text, Nicola Gaston, President of the New Zealand Association of Scientists, reveals the ways in which the discipline of science is sexist.

Polluted Inheritance: New Zealand’s Freshwater Crisis by Mike Joy
Evidence presented here by ecologist Mike Joy demonstrates that intensive dairy farming has degraded our freshwater rivers, streams and lakes to an alarming degree.

Home Truths: Confronting New Zealand’s Housing Crisis by Philippa Howden-Chapman
In this wide-ranging BWB Text, leading international housing researcher Philippa Howden-Chapman reveals how New Zealand has lost its way on housing.

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