COVID-19 July Update

COVID-19 July Update

Welcome to BWB! We’re now back in the office, at work on books… and everything else! Bookshops are open too, or you can order BWB books (print and digital) through our online store, which will be sent from our Wellington location.

BWB Texts releasing from August onward include works on technology and society, New Zealand and the world, and the future of tourism and we look forward to releasing three key titles from September – by Alison Jones, Claudia Orange and Hirini Kaa.

Hitting the press through lockdown and beyond is Imagining Decolonisation, new writing on a better future for our country. A substantial reprint is on its way from our Wellington printer Blue Star.

As archaeologist Ian Smith writes, ‘the borderlands between archaeology, history, and tradition have made for a stimulating journey’ – his Pākehā Settlements in a Māori World has recently been reviewed by historian Jonathan West.