About BWB Texts

About BWB Texts

BWB Texts are short books on big subjects from great New Zealand writers.

Read on smart phones and e-readers, tablets and as snappy paperbacks, BWB Texts is fast becoming one of New Zealand's most influential platforms for discussion, ideas and critical analysis. 

Over 50 Texts are now available and we're releasing more every month. The latest list can be viewed here: www.bwb.co.nz/books/bwb-texts

BWB Texts is a non-profit programme made possible by the BWB Publishing Trust.


'BWB continues to lead the way in publishing topical and timely non-fiction books.' Ataria Sharman and Hannah Newport-Watson, Pantograph Punch

'[BWB Texts] are splendid little books... [T]hese are little books with big heart. I think they’ve been a marvellous contributor to all sorts of issues... They cover the big stories in a very concise way.' Harry Broad, Radio New Zealand, Nine to Noon

‘An invaluable resource for anyone looking to educate themselves on New Zealand’s past, present and future without breaking the bank … I only wish that Australia had something similar (the closest thing I can think of is the Quarterly Essay), but I’m going back to New Zealand at Christmas so I’ll stock up on more BWBs then.’ Dani St Clair, Romancing the Social Sciences

‘Smart people talking about their area of expertise … [Texts] are one idea, fully developed, which is a real treat … reading multiple editions of them feels like a conversation between writers.’ Louise O’Brien, New Zealand Books, on Radio New Zealand, Nine to Noon

‘All the book-length essays in the BWB Texts series are worth examining. Out of the Vaipe is one of the richest and most rewarding’, Iain Sharp, New Zealand Listener

‘Remember the depth of NZ’s political debate before the @BWB_NZ short reads? No neither can I’, Bronwyn Hayward, @BMHayward

‘They are a great asset to the New Zealand publishing stable … it’s creating a different sort of ripple.’ Tilly Lloyd, Radio New Zealand

‘They are thought-provoking and discussion-making … they are truly interesting books.’ Doris Mousdale, NewstalkZB

‘BWB supplies a forum for our best writers to contribute not as practitioners of their especial genre, but as citizens, voicing a point of view about life in this country at this point in its history.’ Fiona Farrell

'BWB Texts are designed to be read in an evening by ordinary people wanting to get their heads around the big issues facing the country'. Rob Stock, Stuff

‘Our impoverished public sphere needs more writers like Andrew Dean (and more publishers like Bridget Williams Books).’ Morgan Godfery, Your Weekend

‘Small but perfectly formed.’ Christchurch City Libraries

‘Intelligent thinking and serious writing forms the backbone of BWB Texts and there is something for everyone.’ Unity Books

‘Lovely, not much bigger than a small poetry book … but they’re not as small as you think.’
‘This is smart reading, this is nifty reading, they’re approachable … they’re compelling. I think the series really appeals … Points of relatability everywhere – please buy them!’ Mary McCullum, Radio New Zealand

'BWB Texts are billed as ‘short books on big subjects’. They are providing an increasingly important service to both the country’s social science community and a general readership.' Steve Matthewman, New Zealand Sociology

[BWB texts are] "wonderful, I highly recommend them. They make great gifts and they're really accessible." 'Book Critic: Steph Soper', with Jessie Mulligan, RNZ, 14 March 2017 

'This is a really interesting little series, a series of small books, punchy about a specific area of study and giving you information on it. They’re called the BWB texts.' Graeme Hill, Radio Live

'the excellent and wide-ranging Bridget Williams Books Texts series of ‘short books on big subjects’'. Alison Wong, 'Embracing Complexity', Landfall, 1 May 2018.

"The collection of BWB Texts is described on the publisher’s website as being ‘short books on big subjects from great New Zealand writers’. Given the size of the books on offer, it could be assumed that they might lack depth. However, what is surprising is that all eight of the titles within this review package live up to the description, being thought-provoking examinations of their given topics...I am very glad to have had all of these books drawn to my attention. I shall certainly be buying more of the series as each title provides a quick and enjoyable means of reminding readers of things they know fairly well, and of clarifying things which are half remembered or understood." Tom Aitkin, Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies, 4:2 (2016): 225, 227.

‘Publisher Bridget Williams Books provides a valuable service with its pocket-sized polemics in which experts tackle their specific areas of expertise.’ Nevil Gibson, Unlimited

'Everyone loves a book from the BWB text series.' Laura Somerset, Salient.

'They’re all incisive and they’ve all got really good stamina and design.' Tilly Lloyd, RNZ

'The Texts series by Bridget Williams Books has come to occupy a distinctive place on the New Zealand publishing scene, putting out a steady stream of short, timely interventions on a wide range of social and political topics. The hallmark of these ‘short books on big subjects’ is their accessibility, both in terms of the price point and of the clear instruction to the authors to present their ideas to a broad, non-specialist public...By illuminating issues that are central to public life yet also poorly served by quality of the mainstream political debate, the authors of these BWB Texts are also in the business of restoring lost viewshafts or creating new ones. Their work deserves a wide readership and continuing support.' - Giovanni Tiso, Landfall

Who is behind BWB Texts?

Tom Rennie is the publisher for BWB Texts, working closely alongside BWB director Bridget Williams and production editor Laura Koziol.

For any sales or other enquiries please contact us at info@bwb.co.nz. For ebook sales assistance please see our FAQs, our Quickstart Guide, or contact us at support@bwb.co.nz.