Prophetic Histories

Prophetic Histories

The People of the Māramatanga

Prophetic Histories is currently out of print.

Māori prophetic movements from the late nineteenth century are widely known. Men such as Te Whiti, Te Kooti and Rua Kenana led their people through periods of despair and challenge. Some of their teachings continue today. Less well known is a movement founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, based on the teachings of Mere Rikiriki, a prophetess from the Rangitikei River whose words inspired both T. W. Ratana and Hori Enoka Mareikura.

It is the work of Mareikura and his followers that this book discusses. Today the movement quietly continues, centred on the Ruapehu district. The prophetic sayings of Mareikura and other voices guide the lives of the people of the Māramatanga. Their work is recently associated with the Māori renaissance; their belief is closely linked to the Catholic church; their main purpose is one of spiritual adherence.

Karen Sinclair has spent thirty years working with the people of the Māramatanga. From oral histories, documents, and songs, she has carefully recorded some of the key parts of their story. Prophetic Histories is an account written for the movement itself, with the purpose of also informing a wider readership. It records some of the paths by which Māori traverse their own land (and landscape) in post-colonial New Zealand.

Table of contents

Narrative: Te Karere

1. The dispensation of colonialism
2. Mere Rikiriki at Parewanui: The genesis of  the Māramatanga
3. Mareikura, Maungarongo, and the development of the Māramatanga Narrative: Hine Ataarangi
4. Growth and the emergence of a new generation Narrative: Pinenga
5. Expansion and consolidation Narrative: Hoana
6. Pilgrimages to Waitangi  Narrative: Raana
7. Te Umuroa and the Tira Hoe Waka Narrative: Matiu

Conclusion: The tradition of prophecy in the nineteenth   and twentieth centuries
Appendix 1: Kinship diagrams 1–6
Appendix 2: Nationally recognised Waiata from  the Māramatanga
Appendix 3: Flags of the movement
Appendix 4: Interviews, research and notebooks

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2018
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781877242922
ISTC: A02201200002129F

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'Prophetic Histories is wonderfully written and easy and enjoyable to read. Here is a study stretching the mind and yet speaking from and to the heart … a valuable contribution to understanding the history of Māori development and independence in Aotearoa/New Zealand.' Wel-Com

'... a work of subtle interplays, of sensitivity and of depth. I was greatly enriched by reading it.' Read Peter Lineham's review in New Zealand Books.