Up From Under

Up From Under

Women and Liberation in New Zealand, 1970–1985

Christine Dann was an early participant in the women’s movement that swept through New Zealand in the 1970s and 80s. Up from Under is a detailed and fascinating study of the achievements and aspirations of women at that time.

Dann chronicles the upheavals and events of that time, examining developments across the political philosophy of the women’s movement, fertility control, paid and unpaid work, and violence against women.

Up from Under is a unique insider’s account of times and changes that have had far-reaching effects on New Zealanders’ lives.

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Table of contents


1. Over the Years
2. Politics
3. Fertility
4. Work
5. Health
6. Education
7. Soul and Skin
8. Creativity
9. Violence


Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2015
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9780868615707
ISTC: A02201200002147B
DOI: 10.7810/9780868615707

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