Authors recognised in the 2020 Women of Influence Awards

Authors Jane Kelsey and Siouxsie Wiles are finalists in the 2020 Women of Influence Awards!

Microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles (author of Antibiotic Resistance) continues her vital role as media commentator during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has shown the nation how to wash its hands, flatten the curve and stop the spread, and is now a finalist in the Women of Influence ‘Innovation, Science and Health’ category.

Jane Kelsey is the author of a number of books published by BWB over many years. She is Professor of Law at the University of Auckland and an active social commentator with a focus on the connections between globalisation and domestic neoliberalism, especially free trade and investment agreements. Professor Kelsey is a finalist in the ‘Global’ category.

Bridget Williams was herself a finalist in the Arts and Culture section of last year’s awards, in recognition of her many years of publishing books that have enriched our knowledge of women’s lives, history, creativity and political imagination.

The winners will be announced at the awards celebration later this year.